Fishermen: James, Cephas and John, did just fine
They were known as PILLARS, see Galations: Two, Nine.
God works with "ordinary" people says Psalm: Twenty Five, Seven.
Yes, iniquitous people, for Gods' glory in Heaven!
Again, Mathew: Thirteen says, "... unto you to know the Mystery..."
But the rest (Oh, No!) they must continue in misery.
See, also Revelation: Ten, Seven: The Mystery ends.
Get with Gods' program, before He, Christ sends!
Beware of the enemy! (See Ephesians: Six, Nine)
Change your ways, always pray; you can be "just in time".
Ask; think of others, as yourself: think of their pleasure.
Christ is All in All, putting His enemies under your feet.
He is the First fruit, then others at His coming will greet.
Beware! Now, The Kingdom of God is at hand.
Prophets, Christ and the Apostles: preached this end.
Your God given transcript is waiting in Mathew Five and Six.
Christ always spoke of and focused on God. Now, you go fix.
Love God, Love others (these two are ten), -even enemies, never judge.
Breaking even one of the least commandments, your own future: you judge!
Once again then, when you pray: honour God and open up wide.
You will be well on your way to being a Pillar -with God to reside.
A Pillar is something that is upright, straight, narrow and bold.
It can be a stone, a cloud, a church -the Temple roof to uphold.
A column is only a certain type of Pillar that is known.
It is those that overcome that God makes a Pillar by his Throne.
To become an ensign of renown.
A place to be a king -crowned.
Be giving, satisfied, perfect (see Ephesians Two verse twenty).
He is building you on the Apostle/Prophet Foundation and...
Has room for plenty...

John A. Borham
February 18, 2006