It is really all about access and no access,
and how man’s interpretations, got us into this mess.

A great mess of religions, cults, doctrines and beliefs
and the evil ones influence, that’s caused so much grief.

Satan has nothing new; he can only twist God’s word,
as an “angel of light”, a demon, or words absurd.

The old covenant gave no direct access to God’s throne.
The new covenant gives direct access, through Christ alone.

As Paul, the apostle, said, “ We have no excuse”,  because the creation we have seen…
part of which is our own mind, and a brain, given to be used. Why are we so mean?

It behooves us to use it (or loose it) to find out God’s truths.
To search, ask His help, let Him lead, or else it’s no use!

The whole bible is a package of seven divisions, interpreting itself.
It is our lifetime and it is high time, to study it and heed it, off of ones shelf!

Use all the marginal notes to take an amazing tour:
You will see God’s truth in a way you never did before.
 John Borham, 19 March, 2005