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Who are you?

 We are “the Church that didn’t want to be”.  The Maranatha Church of God began when the church previously attended by our original members, changed its day of worship from Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday and discontinued worshiping on the Biblical Holy Days.  We had grown close to each other through worship, a weekly Bible Study and fellowship and were determined to remain faithful to “the truth which God gave, once for all, to his people to keep without change through the years” (Living Bible, Jude 3).  When the change came many decided to continue worshiping together on the Sabbath rather than going our separate ways.

Our first Service was held on Saturday, April 3rd, 2004, followed by the annual Passover Service on Sunday, April 4th, 2004, in which 26 persons participated.  As support for our group continued to grow, prudence dictated we apply for corporate and charitable status which were both attained on December 9th, 2004.  Burt Russell, one of our founding members and a long time member of the Church Of God in Barrie, Ontario, Canada greeted the brethren each Sabbath with “Maranatha” (Maranatha is an Aramaic word transliterated into Greek meaning “our Lord will come” or “our Lord has come”).  Burt’s greeting caught on and “Maranatha” became the standard form of greeting the congregation in Barrie.  When it came to choosing a name for incorporation purposes "Maranatha Church of God" was the obvious choice.

The Maranatha Church of God, under the leadership of Jesus, is dedicated to proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God, to encouraging individuals to live by every word of God and to growing in love for God and for our fellow man.

Why didn’t you join another Sabbath and Biblical Holy Day observing Church instead of starting your own?

 We had no desire to leave the Church we formerly attended or to go our separate ways consequently staying together was the only option that appealed to us.  We never seriously considered anything else.  As a congregation we are truly friends and not only worship together but have a lot of fun together.

 Do you have ordained people in your Church?

Maranatha Church Of God, Barrie Ontario congregation, has two ordained ministers, two ordained Deacons and three ordained Deaconesses.

Are your ministers paid?

All of our ministers and officers are volunteers.  No one is paid.

Why do you worship on the Sabbath (Saturday) and on the Biblical Holy Days?  Hasn’t the law been changed or done away?
Search as we may, we find no evidence of an annulling of the law anywhere in the Bible.  On the contrary, we find evidence, including historical information apart from the Bible, indicates our Saviour and the Apostles and the Church continued to worship God on the Sabbath and Holy Days.

The Catholic Mirror, published in Baltimore MD in 1893, referring to the Sabbath (Saturday) as the biblical day of worship, stated “Thus, it is impossible to find in the New Testament the slightest interference by the Saviour or his Apostles with the original Sabbath, but on the contrary, an entire acquiescence in the original arrangement; nay a plenary endorsement by Him, whilst living; and an unvaried, active participation in the keeping of that day and not other by the Apostles, for thirty-years after his death, as the Acts of the Apostles has abundantly testified to us.”